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All Ms. Bee Womxn products start their journey with a vision. CEO and Founder, Melissa Botten believes in bringing evolutionary health and wellness products to the market in a simple and sustainable way. She views health as a system of moving parts that work together to create the miracle that is the human body. This awareness allows Ms. Bee to create individual products that serve feminine care needs of the body and creates a connection between farmer, consumer, health & awareness.

In Melissa's hometown of Long Beach, California, the concept and vision begin with the bees. Much like the body consists of many parts to form a whole, bees and their hives establish deep connections and relationships to connect all systems and work as one. Ms. Bee Womxn products pull from this inspiration and work hard as collective womxn to heal our roots, establish community with those involved in the making, and connects the dots all over the world to create fair-trade and sustainable, healthy and supportive products, all for the greatest good of our hive.

The first step, the root of all products starts with this work. Melissa works with the bees and spirit energy guidance to bring together women, dreamers, healers, entrepreneurs, farmers, manufacturers, distributors and consumers alike with a product that is made for them and by them to support their overall health and wellness.