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Our Journey


Through a delicate process of scientific research, rounds of individual feedback and testimony, mindful meditation, love and compassion we’ve developed products that are optimized to support our clients’ overall health and wellness. Each Ms. Bee Womxn product is made lovingly and with intention that every client feel their best, experience the greatest good & achieve optimal health.

Ms.Bee, Melissa Botten traveled around the World to find and meet the best farmers and suppliers for Ms. Bee Womxn products. These life-changing trips introduced her the amazing farmers, suppliers, and women-owned business that would become a part of the Collective Beehive used to create our products.

Local raw organic honey from the Long Beach Beekeepers in Long Beach California  
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Fair Trade Sea Salt from Sal De Maras, Peru. Aprende Mas  
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Fair Trade Sea Salt from the Himalayan mountains in Nepal
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Fair Trade Coconut Oil & Shea Butter from the Philippines
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Fair Trade Olive Oil from Israel, Sindyanna of Galilee
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CBD & CBG from Colorado USA
    All Ms. Bee Womxn’s ingredients are Organic,
    Non-GMO and Vegan Certified and gluten-free.
    All products are Fair Trade and Fair Farm Sourced. 

    Our distribution partners’ hands lovingly prepare
    Ms. Bee Womxn products in the following
    Our CBD/CBG line
    formulated and produced in Las Vegas, Nevada
    Our cannabis-free line
    formulated and produced in the Gallatin Valley
    in Manhattan, Montana (by a woman-owned business) 

    Ms. Bee believes in striving to be sustainable at every step of the process. That’s why we use re-useable and eco-friendly packaging and encourage our consumers to continue nurturing mother earth and supporting our busy little pollinators! We pride ourselves on being clean, simple, modern, glam and always coming back full-circle to nature.
    Reusable bottles, lids, droppers pumps & misters. Never single-use!

    Eco-friendly paper & dye in all labels, business cards and promotion.

    Pollinator seeds! As a special gift to you and to mother earth and our bee friends, every package is embedded with pollinator seeds, encouraging our consumers to complete the circle. Planting pollinators using these seeds helps to bring back the bees, support the environment, and produce more honey that can then go on to be used in Ms. Bee products! 

    Our product lines are distributed directly from their
    local production facilities in Montana
    (Cannabis-free line) and Nevada (CBD/CBG line)
    Retail distribution is also available in select cities. 
    Online sales:
    Products may also be made available at select Women’s circles and private home gatherings. Contact us for more information on these events or how to have Ms. Bee attend you next event!