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CBD | CBG PH VULVA LIP GLOSS | Pineapple Cayenne

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The Vulva Lip Gloss comes in our Carnelian Crystal Roller which can be used to set an intention for your gloss prior to application. This crystal can be called upon for help with empowerment, confidence, transition, leadership, sexual stimulation, and boosting power and connection to your fertility, uterus & womb. 

Created for LOVE! Self-love & partner-love alike. Our Intimate Vulva Gloss is safe for edible and topical use, is massage friendly & Glam AF. Promotes shifts in dryness, PH Balance, PMS, Pre & Post Menstruation, Postpartum, menopause, sexual arousal, lubrication, connection to partner (flavor | scent | taste enhancement).

Fair Trade Olive oil, CBD, CBG, Light Organic Long Beach CA Honey, Dark Organic Long Beach CA Honey, All Natural Pineapple, Ms. BeeTM Clean-Vegan Proprietary Blend 

300mg  |  10ml